Rite Aid coupon success

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Ingard here, I went to RiteAid this week for the first time in over a month.

There are some good deals going on this week, go HERE for the Rite Aid match up. Here is what she picked up.

I  did this in 4 transactions (read here about limitations place at Rite Aid). Since I didn’t have ANY +Up rewards to bring down my out of pocket. So my first transactions was like this:

  • Use $5/1 PRINT or PRINT 
  • or $5/1 from 4/15 RP
  • Out of pocket $4.99
  • After I paid I got back a $3.00 +Up


Then I began to roll my my $3 +Up, which made my out of pocket for the next 3 transactions $1.99 each

In total my out of pocket before tax was $10.96, before sales and coupons this would have been $47.96.

And not to be forgotten is that I have $3 toward the next sale.

Whew! Got to love couponing.




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