Rite Aid is making some changes again come January 2012

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Rite Aid has announced that it is making some changes to the Wellness program, starting January 2012.

This is what I, Ingard gathered from reading this press release.

 Some of these changes will be:

  • Coupons loaded to the card in an e-coupon fashion, program will be called the Load2Card. You will able to load these e-coupons each week. You will have access to over $100 worth of coupon that will deduct as you purchase the qualifying product. PLUS they will STILL accept paper manufacture coupons.
  • Ups Rewards will still print on receipts and be redeemable as cash just as they have been.

Other changes quoted straight from the press release

Also new in 2012, when members reach 500 points, they’ll earn a wellness reward of their choice, such as a gym membership, health/fitness magazine subscription or health screening. All members will receive notification of reward eligibility and redemption details on their register receipt and by email.                                       

Members of wellness+ will also be able to enjoy three tiers of savings and rewards in 2012. Adding to the gold and silver wellness+ membership tiers, Rite Aid has created a brand new bronze tier for members who reach 250 points in a single year. Bronze tier members will receive 10 percent off all Rite Aid brand products every day as well as a one-time 10 percent off shopping pass for use in the store.

The silver and gold tier point levels will stay the same at 500 and 1,000 points respectively. Upon reaching 500 points, silver members receive 10 percent off all qualifying non-prescription purchases every dayAfter reaching 1,000 points, gold members receive 20 percent off all qualifying non-prescriptions every day. Anyone who reaches silver or gold status by the end of 2011 will retain their status throughout 2012.

  • To take advantage of these changes you will need to log on to www.riteaid.com and activate your wellness card and you can then you can load the e-coupons starting on or before January 2012.
Personally I think this will be nice enhancements to the program that I really like.
If you would like to read this press release yourself go HERE!



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