Roasted Chestnuts Organic only $1.34 a bag ~ Shipped FREE

Roasted Chestnuts ready to eat. shipped FREE right to your doorGalil Organic Roasted Chestnuts, 3.5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 24) this comes out to $1.34 or even less if you do the amazon subscribe and save option.

Thanks to Monica for passing along this great tip….. I saw this deal for these chestnuts I buy all the time from Krogers/Costco, figured I’d share cause they’re delicious and quite healthy. is running a promo on the Galil Organic Roasted Chestnuts.
I absolutely love these things, snack on them daily and even cook with them from time to time.
I’m planning on using them for my Thanksgiving stuffing. They’re so easy to use since they’re already peeled.
And they are USDA Organic with no additives or anything either. Anyway, I thought I’d share because its a great deal compared to what they go for in stores, especially if you like to buy them in bulk (like me!). Krogers has it usually for $1.99 a bag, this comes out to $1.34 or even less if you do the amazon subscribe and save option.

How to roast chestnuts

If you find raw chestnuts at your local store you might also like this post, How To Roast Chestnuts.  They are rather hard to find locally and cost a pretty penny! But a fun family tradition.


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