Sale on Water storage drums

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Photo by Utah Preppers

One of our readers Teri sent us this food/water storage sale at Walmart. A 55 Gal. water storage container for $38.98!! I have been looking at these because an important part of stockpiling and food storage is to have water. You can go for much longer without food than water. If there is some kind of emergency you can not count on city water. The water plants need electricity to run. Also there can be times when for one reason or another the water coming out of your tap is not safe to drink. From what I have seen FEMA recommends a bare minimum of ½ gallon per person per day for minimal drinking/food prep. 1 gallon is a better starting point. I have not seen this size barrel for anything below $50 in my searching.
I’m not sure if this is all WalMarts or just this one. The flyer said the sale was from Sept 24 to Oct 6. A note here you will need a “bung wrench” to open and close them. I priced them online for around $10.00.

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