Santa Wrapping~ Easy Gift Wrapping

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Santa Wrapping~ Easy Gift Wrapping 

I have a big family.  A lot of siblings.  Unfortunately,  about half of us don’t live near by.  This is a bummer because I would love to see them all the time, but it also makes it hard at Christmas time.  We have a sibling gift exchange, and half the time this requires shipping gifts.  I could just do gift cards, but this year the kids are still pretty little and its just not as fun to open a gift card when you are little!  Then you run into the problem of how to wrap it.  I hate not putting a bow on, but if you do add a bow it just ends up getting squished and misshapen!

Problem solved!  Not only does this cute method for wrapping work great for mailing gifts, but now you can save your self the cost and the hassle of bows on your gifts at home too!

You will need:

A gift 😉

Solid red wrapping paper

Black ribbon

Silver duck tape

Scissors (to cut your supplies)


santa wrapping-easy gift wrapping for mailing, #giftwrap, #gift, #wrappingpaper, #santa, #christmas, #creativewrapping, #ribbon, #red

 May I suggest that you don’t be hypnotized by the pretty sparkles of this glitter paper?  It is gorgeous, yes.  Practical, not so much.  Tape does not stick to it.  At all.  It comes with some little strips of sticky putty, but not enough to last for a whole roll.  I would stick with some regular texture of wrapping paper.

Begin by cutting your wrapping paper and wrapping your gift just as you normally would.  When you get done, take your black ribbon and measure the width of your gift.  Cut it off, tape it to the back of your gift.  Cut a rectangle of silver duck tape, the size will depend on the size of your gift.  A small gift will not need a very large belt buckle. Place the rectangle of duck tape in the center of your black ribbon.  This will be your belt.  That’s it!  Now you have an adorably wrapped gift that the receiver is sure to love!

santa wrapping-easy gift wrapping for mailing, #santa, #giftwrap, #gift, #wrappingpaper, #christmas, #creativewrapping, #ribbon, #red, #santsuit


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