Save Lives Save Money Charity is starting up

When little Matthew was in and out of hospitals all over the west coast receiving life saving surgeries we received so much support. Not only emotional support but financially, by food given to us while we stay in Ronald McDonald type facilities, support in the way of a vehicle to drive back in forth to the hospital from Ronald McDonald house while we were out of state and many more. We were amazed by the love of strangers and fellow heart moms and dads. With out their support there would of been many more emotional break downs and hardships. So for a long time Sarah and I have wanted to find a way to give back. A way to make a difference in others lives. Couponing is fun and have been very fulfilling hearing how people have been blessed in the economy that we are in by following our site and being Thrifty. But we still felt something was missing.

So we then started a plan. We have so many national readers that wanted to learn from our local Couponing 101 class. We knew that other deal bloggers sell their DVD’s for $20, $30 and even higher. So how could we feel good about offering a free local class and then charging a huge price for a DVD where you don’t even get to come and ask questions face to face. When we first started our website, many deal bloggers charged a subscription fee to read their site. And we knew back then that charging people to learn how to save money didn’t seem right. And so our site, and our class has always been FREE. But what about our coupon class. Well – Save Lives Save  charity was conceived and we will be allowing our readers to watch the coupon class for free. But we would ask that you donate what you feel is appropriate to the charity. We would hope that all of you will express how much you have learned and how it has helped you by donating to the charity. (once paperwork is completed a donation area will be available online) So what really is Save Lives Save Money then?

Save Lives Save Money is a nonprofit organization we have started to make a difference in families and more importantly children lives. As couponers we try and learn to save money for our own families, get deals on food and other products to make a difference in our own families lives. All too often we can become engulfed in what we need for our own families. Save Lives Save Money is a charity group that has been started to refocus our lives and do more for others. The knowledge we learn as couponers can help others who are more worried about their own life or the life of their children in a time of medical need. Many children and their families worry about how to pay for a medicine, how both parents will get to see their child due to government programs only pay for one adult to travel with the child. And even worry about gas money to travel to the next city when their child is transferred to a larger hospital. Save Lives Save Money is starting up to help provide funding to families that are in need while their children are in a medical emergency. So they don’t have to worry about the little things in life, and focus on the more important things, their family.


We are still in the beginning stages of development and paper filing with local and federal government – Please like our page on Facebook at Save Lives Save Money so you will not miss out on the chance to make a difference.

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