Save Money On Birthday Decorations ~ Thrifty Balloon Tip (Helium Shortage)

We had our daughters 5th birthday party this week.  She wanted pink balloons to go along with her cupcakes.  But we had a big problem… Idaho has been in a helium shortage all summer.  I know crazy, who would have thought?  All the local dollar stores have big signs up saying they no longer sell balloons and gift shops and party supply places are totally hit and miss.  Being that I had no idea if I was going to get lucky and find helium in stock, I needed to come up with a back up plan.

I bought a bag of pink balloons from the dollar store.  My kids had ripped the netting off this bug catcher,  so I used it as a base.   I now have about $1.06 invested into this birthday bouquet.  Normally helium would cost me another $4-$8…. but since there is a shortage I used my own hot air  lol (which was FREE).  Sure I was a little light headed from blowing up 12 balloon.  But I have done crazier things to save money 🙂

 I then tied the balloons on to the metal loop of the bug catcher.  Starting at the bottom and working my way up.  Once I was done I needed a way for it to stand up and appear to be floating like helium filled balloons.   I used a heavy cup filled with rice.  Took a little creativity but I was really happy how it turned out!