Save your ink, print Target Coupons at the store

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This is a post My Cousin Jenn did for me about 5 months ago.  I have had a few of you ask me about printing coupons at Target so I thought it may be useful info to repost.

GUEST POST- Printing coupon at Target
Here is the low down on saving ink and paper by printing Target coupons at the store. This is a great way for crazy Target addicts like myself (or even more balanced individuals) to save a little more. After all, it all adds up!!First go to the kiosk located by the customer service desk. This is the one where you would normally register for wedding or baby gifts. Select (click) the link. Scroll all the way down to the bottom. Underneath the Target Stores column, select Grocery Coupons. Click the PRINT button. A pop up box will appear and you can select the coupons you want to print, then just click PRINT again.  The coupons will print out below, usually on blue paper.  Since you should always keep scissors with you for “coupon opportunities”, you can just clip the ones you want to use that day.

Just a tip-print all the coupons, even if you won’t use it that week because they usually have a expiration date a few weeks out and they don’t keep all their coupons on their site until they expire. You never know when you can make a great match up with a sale or a manufacturer’s coupon.

Or you can always print them from home, here is the link for the most recent Target coupons.

HappyCouponing!! Jenn

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