Saving our furry 4 legged friends ~ Animal Shelter update

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blankets for the shelter

Saturday I posted about my local Canyon County Animal Shelter and its need for help.  Their heating system failed, parts were ordered but they were not able to fix them till the parts arrived.  Most the animals were on  cement slabs, in freezing winter weather.  The highs this week have been in the teens and night time temps dip well below zero.

I put out a call for help to my local readers…. they needed blankets, towels, rugs, sheets to help these poor animals.  I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful community that has come together to keep these animals warm.

This is what they posted on their Facebook wall last night..

Look at the mountain of blankets you have given to help keep the CCAS critters warm–and this is with the dozens already in use! They came in so quickly we just threw them in a pile, but Doreen and Billy helped fold and stack them neatly today. Thank you all SO MUCH.

They now have temporary heaters but are still accepting donations if you would like to help out.