Blankets needed for local animal shelter lost its heat ~ Let’s come together and save some lives!

 I just got off the phone with my local animal shelter and I need your help!!!  These animals need a hero… will you help?
blankets needed

This cold weather has not been easy for many, going well below zero at night and daytime highs in the teens.  But most of us have a warm home to go to or a nice warm bed to snuggle up in.  That is not the case of all the animals in the Canyon County Animal Shelter their heat broke yesterday and they have not been able to fix it yet.

This is what they posted on their facebook status yesterday…

 Ooooh, bad news – our boiler has gone down again and parts have been ordered, so the floors in the kennels are really cold! We need more blankets for the dogs, so if you have any that you could donate, we can sure use some. Tony From Appliance Hunter is our go to for boiler advice.

blankets needed

These poor animals are freezing and need your help… we are not asking you to take them home.  Instead we are asking you to help make their temporary home warm till they find a place to live.  THEY NEED BLANKETS, TOWELS, SHEETS, to help keep them warm.  They can not take electric blankets or pillows as the dogs will tear the wire out or the fluff from the pillow.

So this is what I am asking all my local readers please go to your closet.  Do you have an old towel, or blanket that you can donate?  No donation is to small… these dogs need your help.  If you are not local please share this story to help get the word out!  This is a great way to teach your children to severe!

blankets needed 1

These two young girls Jenika and Ashlyn raised money to help the shelter and took the money yesterday to 2nd hand stores to buy as many blankets as they could.  Great examples to the rest of us.

So how can you help?


Mon – Sat: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
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5801 Graye Lane, Caldwell, ID



  1. My boys and I went to the Youth Ranch and the Good Will today and bought 4 huge bags ($40) worth of blankets, flannel sheets and towels and took them to the shelter today.  It was COLD in there.

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