Select Albertsons Stores open 24 hours a day April 1-5th

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That’s right, select Albertsons stores will be open 24 hours a day the first 5 days of April.  My beloved Caldwell Albertsons (stadium store, as we call it) is one of the stores that has been selected as part of this test market.  There has been lots of talk in the media lately about the huge surge of people shopping the first 5 days of the month because that is when Food Stamps benefits are reset each month. ( Hmmm who knew?  I always wondered why it was so busy?)  Many shoppers find bare shelves, huge lines, and leave frustrated.  In an effort to make your shopping trip a little easier Albertsons has decided to pick a few stores to be open 24 hours and see what the response is.

Albertsons 24/7…. pretty much a dream come true for me!  Especially if we happen to get doubles that weekend!

Store participating are, Caldwell stadium store, Vista in Boise,  and Twin Falls.

What do you think of this, would you shop all hours of the night?

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