Seventh Generation paper towels only .49 cents

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Seventh Generation paper towe

Thanks to Hanna for passing along,

I found a really awesome deal at my local Albertsons and thought I would pass it on. I don’t know if they have it at all Albertsons or if it is only at certain locations. The Seventh Generation paper towels in the three pack are normally $4.99. Albertsons has them marked down to $2.49, if you go to the Seventh Generation website and sign up for their newsletter, you can print 2 coupons for $1.00 any product and 2 coupons for $2.00 off of any two products. You can double the $1.00 coupons so it makes it so you can get 4 for $1.49 and 2 for $0.49. If you have access to more than one computer you can get more of the $1.00 ones and double them making each one you buy only $0.49, that’s just under $0.17 a roll! Great deal for a normally pretty spendy brand.

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