Share your Thrifty Tips


I had one of my readers email me this….

My 6 year old daughter has had lice 3 times in the past month from school.
She has long hair and I don’t want to cut it. So I spend about 1-2 hours every day to get ride of the eggs lice leave behind. Finally she is lice free, but after 5 lice shampoo and over $70 wasted on horrible smelling products, there has got to be a better way?

Is there any tips your readers want to share???

So bring on the Thrifty tips….. I was in first grade when half  my class all got lice.  I was my Moms 4th child yet the FIRST one to ever get lice (something my brothers like to tease me about)  My mom was totally freaked out and took me to the Doctor.  I was horrified and totally embarrassed.  Ugggg it make my head itch just thinking about those nasty little things.  We just used the Shampoo, but heard all kids of crazy tips.  One of my neighbors used WD-40 on his son to  get rid of the lice…..but somehow that seem REALLY unsafe and a fire hazard to top it off  ( oh my word, looking back that is plum crazy).  You have to remember I was raised on a farm, many of the things that were done are perfect for Jeff Foxworthy’s  “You might be a RED NECK IF”.

So if you have any tips that are safe, thrifty and family friendly please pass them along!

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