Sierra Mist only .37 cents each

Before sales or coupon this would have cost $42.70
I was able to match a great coupon with a great sale,

I got it all for $5.74

006First off let me say that my Albertson had a mountain of soda at the front of the store, and they plan to have even more come.   I plan to buy another 16 but I am going to wait to later in the week, to make sure the other shipment comes in. Second you are wondering why on earth I bought 16 bottles of Sierra Mist?  Well I plan to tie a cute bow around it, with a poem and give as gift for Christmas.  Each year I have to come up with around 50 gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends, family.   I love to give gifts, but it get very expensive quick, so I am always looking for things under $1 that I could turn into a gift.

Coca- Cola, Pepsi, or 7-up 2 liter bottles promo $1.20  ( normal price $1.99 each)

  • buy 3 get $1 off instantly
  • buy 6 get $2 off instantly
  • buy 9 get $3 off instantly
  • When you buy them in sets of 3 you get them for .87 cents each
  • My local Caldwell Stadium store has peelies coupons for the sierra mist, buy one get one free…making them only.37  cents each.  The coupons should be at the registers….just ask for them.

The napkins were $1.99 on clearance for .19 cents each

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