Silicone fridge liner

Silicone fridge liner

Prolong the life of the fresh veggies in your fridge when you use a Silicone fridge liner.

Silicone fridge liner

Silicone Fridge Cushion Liner 18.5×11.8 inches

  • The Silicone fridge mat has been approved with ISEGA certification. So, as a pure Food Grade material, the mat is safe enough to be used to kitchen items.
  • The SILICONE liner is different from other PU foam commonly sold on the market. PU foam is a good thermal insulation material, which will keep the fruit and veggies surface warmer than the refridgerator temperature.
  • The Silicone mat can be used in a freezer, so that you can take the food out easily.
  • Silicone is a good absorbing material, it can absorb the ordor of refridgerator or fridge storage. So we suggest you wash it regually to deodorize the mat.
  • The Silicone liner is 18.5*11.8 inches, which can be cut to right size with scissors.

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