Simple Mother’s Day Ideas

The other day I read an article that was talking about relationships.  It talked about how successful, strong relationships were often filled with daily kindness, thoughtful acts of service and uplifting words.  Small and simple… but the impact was much greater than sporadic elaborate gifts or messages of affection.  This made me think about Mother’s Day, if I fail to interact or express my love to my Mom all month (or year), does a bouquet of flowers or card really make up for  “I’m sorry I have been to busy”?

Each Mother, Wife, or Grandmother is so different so each of them would appreciate something different. But lets try a little experiment… with Mothers Day a few weeks away do simple acts or love, words or gifts to show your love for her.

Here are a few simple ideas:

  •  A phone call just to see how her day went
  • Card in the mail
  • Message on her facebook page
  • Text her a silly photo with a message of “just thinking of you”
  • Bring her a yummy treat
  • Pick her some followers from your garden
  • Invite her to the movies with you
  • Invite her to lunch, or to watch the kids play at the park

If you notice most the things on this list do not cost money, but I think you will find they will have a much greater impact!  I would love to hear  your simple (pre) Mother’s Day ideas.

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