Simple Mother’s Day Card ~ DIY for all ages

simple mothers day card ideas

Simple Mother’s Day Card that is fun to make, and turns out looking great.  Anyone can make these, perfect for kids who want to create Mom a special card.

All you need for this project is a sheet of white cardstock, sheet of pattern paper, glue, ink pad, green marker and a brad or button to put in the middle of the flower.

Draw 5 circles on the back side of your pattern paper, make each one a little larger.

Rip the circles out, they do NOT have to be perfect.  The rough edges give the flower depth.

Now take those cute little circles and SMASH them into little balls… yip I know you just worked hard on them, now wad them up 🙂 Flatten them back out again, but leave them a little “bumpy” so the ink will only get on the tips of the folds.

Drag the circles gently over a stamp pad,  you do NOT want to cover them with ink just highlight the tips and edges.   Stack the circles on top of each other.  Then glue them together and put a button in the middle or fasten them together with  a brad.  Draw a stem, leaves and back with pattern paper.

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