Skateboard Plug and Play only $7.49 with FREE Shipping

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Thanks to She Saved for passing this along,
*just tried this deal again … and it went through no problem… just make sure that you are going through DeepDiscount (not Amazon)
… right now at for $14.99 then usecode 23017 to save 50% off which will make the price …$7.49 with FREE SHIPPING. Make this deal even sweeter by going through EBATES where you will get 4% cash back on your purchase …plus a $5 bonus to your EBATES account when you make your first ebates purchase… which would almost pay for this whole deal! Just go to EBATES and then log in/sign up and go to Search Skateboard and this game will come right up.
(This is kind of a fun find, and I am only really mentioning it because this same item sells on Amazon for $54 and gets pretty good reviews……use this link to review the product only, don’t purchase it on amazon: PlayTV Skateboarding)

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