Snow-day activities for kids ~ Snowman Cookies

snow day cookies

Our family loves the snow, but long winter days inside often lead to cranky kids that are fighting.  This week my Mother-in-law came and saved the day when she bought over all the supplies to make SNOWMAN COOKIES on a very snowy day. She found the idea of Betty Crocker’s site.

She used sugar cookies for the head

White frosting for the face.

M&M’s for the eyes

Candy orange slices for the nose

Twizzler pull and peels for the ear muffs and smiles

Gummy life savers for the ear muffs.

snow day cookies

Just so you know, NO family is perfect…. and a few of the cookies might of hit the floor LOL.  The kids were happy to eat the cookies that jumped over board.

snow day cookies

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