6 in 1 head warmer, hat, balaclava, scarf ~ Shipped FREE Perfect Gift for Guys or Gals –

Perfect Gift for Guys or Gals – 6-in-1 Neck Warmers Hoods CS Mask Ski Hood Balaclava/Scarf

No matter what you do out in the cold weather – this is the must have you need to get on sale! This 6 in 1 hood, hat, balaclava, scarf, neck warmer and more will keep you warm in every circumstance. Whether you need a hat for winter driving, a Balaclava for driving motorcycles, skiing, hiking, camping this will give you perfect coverage no matter how the temperature changes. Say it is super cold in the morning while you are out having fun, you would pull the hat and face mask up to cover every part of your face. But then later in the day it warms up and you can migrate it to just a hat and then back again as the night progresses and temperatures start to fall. 6-in-1 Neck Warmers Hoods CS Mask Ski Hood Balaclava Scarf Motor HelmetWorldfashion 6-in-1 Neck Warmers Hoods CS Mask Ski Hood Balaclava/Scarf/Motor Helmet Parts/Advanced Fleeces (Black) $5.71 shipped free. Hurry last time we listed these they SOLD OUT.

  • 6-in-1 Techno Fleece Hood
  • Keep warm, soft fleece
  • Scarf, motor helmet parts,Hoods CS Mask, multi-purpose
  • Black/gray for choice
  • suitable for winter outdoor climbing, skiing, riding and extreme sports


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  1. I had mine on and it looked like a berka…..scared me when I looked in the mirror. lol

  2. I bought these and I couldn’t figure out how they worked. Lol. They didn’t come with instructions. But now that I see the pictures it helps. Haha

  3. At checkout it doesn’t give free shipping? It says above $6 shipped FREE

  4. The link also lists dozens of vendors offering the same thing also with free shipping. All those I checked on said ships 1-2 days, but they all ship from China or Hong Kong.

  5. Deann, I just ordered one. It was not sold out yet?? Did you get an email after saying it was out?

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