Snuggle Time and Smart Cookie ~ Moments I Want To Remember

Life is full of moments, some good and some bad…. but these are the moments I want to remember with my familyMy family moments I want to rememer, Snuggling with my littl buddy athriftymom.comBusy day… But this cute little dude just brought me a blanket and asked me to snuggle him….. OK smile emoticon won’t be long till he’s to big for that, so I better enjoy him while I can.My family moments I want to rememer, smart cookie athriftymom.comI’m super proud of this sweet girl she got THREE awards today at school. She loves to learn and works very hard at being a good student.

What moments do you want to remember today?



  1. FYI…..these moments matter! ¬†They are the base to who they grow up to become. ¬†They do go by soooo fast though.

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