So I had a bad day….

img_0780I am sure you all sick of me talking about my server crashing last night, but is has been quite the challenge.  I am lucky my hubby is good on computers because I am clueless….if it was not for him “A Thrifty Mom” would not exist.  A little over a month ago we switched servers because we had so much traffic our site could not handle it and was VERY slow.  So we decided to upgrade from our free server to one that was $180.00 a year.  I was not to happy about paying that but it seemed like my only option.   So we switched servers, format and providers, it was royal pain switching everything over.  I had to learn the new system, but things seemed to be going just fine.

Till out of the blue last night about 10pm our site crashed.  I was fine at first thinking it would only be down a few minutes, well several hours later we still were not up and running.  I got a hold of tech support they told us we had to much “cpu” usage.  I guess in the month of April our site had over 6 million hits, and that the only way to get our site up and running again was to get our own dedicated server. This would cost us  $150.00 a month.  I just about died!!!!!  I was so upset, I did not know what to do.  Matt and I talked it over, I do not want to stop my blog.  But I do not want to pay $150.00 a month to handle our traffic either.  Matt assured me it would be OK, and I reluctantly let him sign us  up for the larger server.  We hope to find something more cost effective very soon.

That being said, I am thrilled my blog has grown so fast.  I love hearing that my blog has helped your family.  This blog is a ton of work… has become a full time job.  But I really enjoy it and would be heart broken if  I had to stop.  Many people have asked me why I do not charge for my site.  I feel like what you give to the world… you will get back.  I find joy in helping others, as long as I can do it for free, I will.

It’s Matt – FYI – hits are not individual people coming to the site, its how many times the site is access.   Links, backlinks, photos being used and access. We had 103,707 individual people view the site in April.

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