Some high value coupon to look for at your Albertsons

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Both the Kellogg’s cereal and the Keebler cookies are part of the spend $25 get back a $10 in catalinas.  They are both priced $2.50 but after you get your catalina back it is like paying only$1.50  here is the crazy part.  At my Caldwell (stadium store) albertsons they have 60 cases of Kellogg’s cereal that have $1.00 off coupon stuck to the cereal.  Now the store had taken them off and has them at the registers for you to use, due to issues they have had in the past with women coming in a peeling off all the coupons.  When you use this coupon, and the catalina you will be able to get Kellogg’s cereal for .50 cents a box!

Same thing with the Kebbler cookies, they have peelies  on the packages for $2.00 off 2 boxes.  If you use this coupon with the catalina sale you are able to get them for .50 cents a box.  These coupons were stick right to the cookies and I am not sure how many the store has in stock at this time.

018As if these coupons and sales were not good enough, If you are lucky enough to find the Kellogg’s saving booklet ( found earlier this month at walmart, albertsons, and other stores)  You can also use those coupons to get $2 off of milk  ( making the store band free) with the cookies and $2 off ocean spray juice when you buy the cereal.  To see the full list of Albertsons sales this week click here. I do not know if all stores have these same coupons or not?  And I do not know how long they will last at th Caldwell store so you may want to call, before you make a special trip in.  But hope this info helps some of you find a thrifty deal.

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