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Matt will be turning 38 this week, he came in the kitchen last week with a very serious look on his face and told me he wanted to talk.  I got a little worried thinking maybe something was wrong.  That is when he told me…. he found the perfect kitty on  the local animal shelters website and he REALLY wanted it for his birthday.  I thought YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME… I was all worried that someone was sick, or he lost his job, or something traumatic happened…. NOPE my “grown man of a husband” wanted a kitty cat….

This is not the first time he has asked, in fact he was been asking for 10 years.  But before we always had a dog that was NOT nice to cats so that was never an option.   Well our dog died a year ago ( now this sounds like a country western song lol)  so this last year he has really been pushing the kitty idea.  I grew up on a farm, so I am use to animals and I like kittens.  The problem is I HATE their hair, and I HATE their litter box.

The kids all want a kitty as well.. so it is 5 against 1.  My worry is that “this 1” will be the one cleaning up after and feeding the kitty the next 10 years after the fun and excitement wears off of a new pet.  I do not feel like taking an animal into our home is a light decision. The next few days Matt tagged me on facebook with links to this kitty he wanted, and told me “I promise I will be the ones to take care of it”…. So I looked into it and decided to get him the darn kitty.  I had plans to surprise him with it on his birthday this week, tie a big bow around her neck.  It would be a marvelous birthday surprise.

Then I got the news that this kitty had already been adopted…. I had waited too long and now it was gone.  CRAP, well part of me was pretty excited but the other half felt really bad.  So I called the shelter and they said they just got a new shipment of kittens and I should come in.  I did not know which one he would want so instead I just sent him, even though it ruined the surprise. Matt took the kids to help him pick a kitten out.

They were not gone very long, maybe 25 minutes, so I thought maybe they didn’t get one.  First thing out of my daughters mouth was MOM WE GOT TWO KITTENS, she was so excited she could hardly contain herself.  Still in shock I just looked at Matt, like you can NOT be serious…… TWO????????   It was a huge step for me to agree to one, and now he has TWO?  He just smiled at me and said, ” They were having a buy one get one free sale, so I got both kittens for $25.”  He looked so proud of himself for getting such a thrifty deal, and like “This Thrifty Mom” should be proud of his BOGO cat deal.  That is when I went into coupon teacher mode… don’t you know that at BOGO FREE sale is just a sales tactic to get you to bring home 2 items instead of one, if they really wanted to give you a good deal they would just offer ONE at 50% off.  Ok these are not Twinkies we are talking about these are CATS…. SAY NO to the BOGO sale.

We have now had these little fur balls prancing around our house for 3 days, and my kids are on cloud nine. They play with and snuggled them from the second they wake up, till they go to bed at night.  Matt is loving them as well and they follow him all over the house like he is their momma.  I am sure you will be seeing much more of our new pets over the years to come. The longer I am around them the more I think maybe this BOGO sale was not such a bad thing after all… they are pretty cute 🙂

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