Sometimes Breaking The Rules Is Ok ~ Mommy Moments

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My little boy loves his lawn mower.  But much to his disappointment it is an “outside toy”  due to it’s rough wheels scratching up my hardwood floors.  But that does not stop him from trying to sneak it inside so he can play.  The other day I saw him very determined moving our desk chairs away and pulling the clear office mats over to the other side of the room.  Now keep in mind these mats are huge for a little 2 year old to be hauling around.  But he was determined, next he gathered up all the bathroom mats and laid them on the floor, as well as a few blankets.  I still could not figure out what he was up too, but enjoyed watching him be so determined on this project.

Then he quietly went into the garage and came back inside with his lawn mower and carried it over to the mats.  Then plopped it down and made a very loud “mmmrrrrrrr” noise and pretended to cut the grass inside.  Being very careful not to use his mower on the hardwood.   Then with  a twinkle in his eyes looked over to see if I was watching.  Well technically he did break the rules by bringing his mower in the house.  But he sure did do a good job of protecting the floors so I let him play… Which made him a very happy boy!

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