Spring Bunny Canvas Art ~ Easy DIY Craft

03/10/2014 12:00 pm · 1 comment

by Tami

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Spring Bunny Canvas Art ~ Easy DIY Craft

Looking for some inexpensive, cute ways to brighten your home and bring spring indoors?  This adorable little canvas is great for Easter and all spring long!

You will need

A Canvas (Mine was 8×10)

Mod podge (I use matte)

2 sponge paint brushes (this is a great deal on Amazon!)

Bakers twine

A fork (yes a fork)

Vinyl or paper for the bunnies


Hot glue gun

Begin by painting your canvas.  I went with a turquoise shade.  I like the springy colors, but wanted to do them a little more bold then  the usual pastel.

While that is drying, you can cut a shape that looks like the backend of a bunny.  I created one on my Silhouette.  If you have one and would like the file, I can send it to you.  Unfortunately the Silhouette program only lets you save things in their format.  You could search for bunny clip art and cut these out of paper too.

Once your paint is good and dry, you can apply your bunnies.  Once you have them where you want them, cover with a layer of mod podge.  I always use the matte.  I think it is more forgiving then the gloss is.  When I use gloss I can see all of my brush strokes and that isn’t always a good thing!

spring bunny canvas,#canvas, #diy, #art, #bunny, #easter, #spring, #bunnies, #paint, #bakerstwine, #pompom, #diycrafts, #thriftycrafts, #thriftycraftideas, #craft, springcraft

Now you are going to make your pompom tails.  Grab your fork and some bakers twine.  Yarn also works, but they will be bushier tails.  Wrap the bakers twine around your fork several times.  (for this project I did it about 25 times.)  Once you have it wrapped take a piece of twine and tie it around the middle, making a sort of bow tie.  Now, slide it off the fork and cut with scissors the 2 sides that were on the outside of your fork.  Fluff it up with your fingers and that will give you your pompom.  Hot glue those on to your bunny bums and you are done!  Now you have a great craft to bring spring into your home!

spring bunny canvas, #diy, #canvas, #art,#bunny, #easter, #spring, #bunnies, #paint, #bakerstwine, #pompom, #diycrafts, #thriftycrafts, #thriftycraftideas, #craft, springcraft

spring bunny canvas, #diy, #art, #canvas, #bunny, #easter, #spring, #paint, #bunnies, #bakerstwine, #pompom, #diycrafts, #thriftycrafts, #thriftycraftideas, #craft, springcraft


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