Staples deal starting 8/15

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Thanks to Savvy Sister Shops for passing this deal along,
Remember the HOT deal you can get at Staples with the Office Max coupon for any purchase at Payless? Here’s what to do next week with your $10/$30 coupon- it’s an even bigger moneymaker starting Aug. 15!

Step 1: Go to Office Max and make a small purchase to get a $5/$25 Payless purchase coupon.

Step 2: Go to Payless and buy some cute shoes to use your $5/$25 coupon with. Or skip step one and buy some shoelaces or something inexpensive.

Step 3: Take your Payless receipt to Office Max and they will give you a $10/$30 Office Max purchase coupon.

Step 4: Take the $10/$30 purchase coupon to Staples- they accept competitors coupons!

Buy the following at Staples:

6 Staples 1 subject notebooks $.01 each= $.06
2 Hammermill Copy Plus copy paper $4.99 each= $9.98
2 Sharpie permanent black markers 5 pk. $1.00 each= $2.00
1 Staples Slimline electric pencil sharpener= $15.99
2 Quartet Endura Glide Dry Erase Markers 4 pk. $1.00 each=$2.00
Subtotal: $30.03
Use $10/$30 Office Max coupon
Pay $20.03 + tax

Then submit your rebates for 2 Hammermill paper reams, $4.98 each and the pencil sharpener, $15.99 for a total of$25.95 back.

Final price: All items above for FREE + $5.92 moneymaker! WOW!

Remember that these ad prices at Staples begin Aug. 15- Aug. 21. Let me know if you cash in on this deal, it’s a super fun one!

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