Still looking for Fruit Snacks?

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.IMG_1244Just a heads up to my local readers, if you are still looking for fruit snacks the Caldwell Stadium store still has a large display up front.  I went in to get the Yogurt that is part of the ConAgra promo ( dairy shipments come to that store on Thursday) , and was happy to see they still had a ton left.  They are out of fruit snacks, but still had stickers, roll ups, gushers and fruit by the foot.  Hopes that helps….  The store was rather quite too…nothing like yesterday.

IMG_1246While I was checking out, I heard Maleeya say yummmm….I looked down and she had put her little teeth into a plum.  To bad they were almost $3.00 a lb….doesn’t she know to pick items that are on sale…haa haa haa!  It was really good, we ate it on the way home. But a good reminder buy fruit that is in season, or on sale that week.  You get much more that way.  I normally try to buy produce when is less than $1.00 a lb, each week you will be able to find items at this price.

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