Still time for personalized Valentine Cards… LAST DAY

Want to remind every one this is still going and still have time to get before Valentines DayWell with Valentines Day creeping in around the corner, here is a super cute way to help your children stand out at their class Valentines Day party. Right now you can get 30 Valentines Day cards that even have your child’s photo in them for under $5 bucks! This is how to do it:

Click here

Choose the layout you want. I picked the heart shaped photo. Right click on the blank photo and then click on “Replace”. Browse your computer for the photo you want to use. Once you have it picked out then upload it, crop and zoom in on how you want your child’s photo to appear.

On the right side of the editing there are text boxes. We changed the “I Love You” to “Your are the Best”. I didn’t want that on their cards. Then in the “Full Name” area we typed in their first name.

Once you are done with the front, check the “Approval” box then click to edit the back side. Now we choose to have color on the back. Normally it is $3 bucks but they have it on sale for $1.49! Gray or Blank is FREE.

On the back we changed the text to read our child’s full name with the year on it as well.

Click the approval box and then on to check out.

You will be asked if you want the 10 free envelopes. I clicked yes, because they are heavy 60lb card stock envelopes. You won’t need them for the Valentines Day cards because you are cutting down the 4×8 cards into 3 smaller ones. But the envelopes work out great for other projects or mail. Plus they are FREE

Edit your shipping information, and click through all of the offers.

Then under shipping I always have chosen the SLOW 21 Day shipping. I know there are only 14 days left till Valentines Day but we have always received our shipments from them in about 5-7 days. So there should be enough time to get them in. It is a risk you will need to take. But that is what we choose.

Once you get them simply cut down the lines to make 30 cards and off to school they go!

10 cards cut into 3rds = 30 Valentines Day cards

10 Free envelopes for another day

With color backside $5.99 total including shipping

With Out color backside $4.50 total including shipping


What it would of cost you: $8.99 for the cards, $4.99 for each photo, $2.99 for color back side=$40 with shipping. Right now you can get all of that for only $4.50 or $5.99 with color back side