Stock up prices on basics, Flour, Sugar, Rice and Beans

This post went up last week and after reading the comments I added more information in an effort to clarify.

The Ridley’s sale continues another week ending 3/12.

A reminder also that Paul’s also runs a similar case lot sale as Ridley’s

Sarah and I were talking about the Ridley’s case lot sale and the price at Costco. Since I needed to step into Costco while running other errands today, I checked out the prices on some common stock up items thinking that some of you might be thinking the same thing. Here are the prices of basic stock up items at Costco.

  • 25lbs of all purpose Flour – $7.15
  • 50lbs of all purpose Flour – $13.75
  • 25lbs of C & H sugar – $16.05
  • 25lbs of Blue Ribbon long grain rice – $18.49
  • 50lbs of Jasmine rice – $33.49
  • 25lbs of Pinto beans – $19.79
Here is a graph to help compare these prices to Ridley’s case lot sale that ends 3/12
Costco, every day prices Ridley’s case lot until 3/12 Ridley’s
25 lbs of Flour $7.15, or $0.29/lb $5.98, or $0.24/lb
50 lbs of Flour $13.75, or $0.28/lb ———–
25lbs of sugar $16.05, or $0.64/lb $13.48, or $0.54/lb Case of 10 (4lb packages) @$1.84 each, or $0.46/lb
This is the best buy if you can use and store 40lbs of sugar
long grain rice 25 lbs @ $18.49, or $0.79/lb 20lbs @ 9.98, or $0.50/lb
25 lbs of pinto beans $19.79 or $0.79/lb $18.98, or $0.95/lb

Have a Ridley’s near you and don’t have a Costco membership, their case lot has great stock up prices find the post HERE?

Ridley’s caselot sale ends 3/12. Get like items while supplies last, no rainchecks.


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