Stock your Freezer for Summer BBQ’S


    bbq-hamburgerJust wanted to remind you that Albertsons 3 day sale is one right now ( Till Sunday).  One the of the great deals they have is 85% lean Ground beef for $1.88 a lb.  At that price it is a good idea to get a little extra, and put it in the freezer for those summer BBQ’S.  Buy it when it is a “thrifty Price” and save your self from paying $3.99 or more on that hot summer day, when the grill is calling your name.  

    Here is a list of more of the 3 day sale items,

    • Fresh Whole Seedless Watermelon .39 cents a lb
    • Fresh Strawberries 4 lb  for $4.99
    • Fresh seedless Grapes $1.49 a lb
    • Fresh Red Delicious or Granny Smith Apples .69 cents a lb
    • 10 lb bag of Fresh potatoes $1.99
    • Fresh extra lean ground beef $1.88 85% lean
    • Boneless pork shoulder country style ribs $1.49 a lb

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