Stolen Coupon Book?

robberOne of our readers sent us their experience:
I decided to do a late evening Albertsons run to use my final double coupons and get one more run of cereal before the sale went off. I don’t know if it was too late and I was tired or what, but somehow I left my file of coupons either in the store or in the cart or dropped in the parking lot or something! Anyway, I did not notice this until the next day and of course I checked with the store, but no one had turned them in so I lost my whole stockpile of coupons. Fortunately I have only been at this for a couple of weeks so it was not as devastating as it could have been. But it got me to realize that even if someone had found my file there was no identification on it – there was no way for any person to return them to me.

The lesson here that may help others is to put your name and phone number on your folder or file holding your coupons so that if they are ever lost they can be returned to you. I am choosing to believe that whoever found them would have returned them if there had been some identification. I am also choosing to believe that whoever ended up with them needed them more than I do. Anyway, it may seem obvious but it never occurred to me and I just wanted to pass this suggestion on to you so that you could mention it to others.

Thanks, Cathy

I thought this was a great idea, I have never thought to put my name and number on my binder.  I would be heart broken if I lost it!

I have been getting more and more emails about stolen coupon binders. As times get tough people will do more and more things to people that can make it hard for everyone. Alot of binders like mine have a shoulder strap. When you lay it out in the car, unclick the strap and twist it around and around the wire bars of the cart. And clip it back together. That way if some one tries to take it.. Bang you 5got them.

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