Summer Fun for the Kids 6/23

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The summer flys by so fast we tend to get swept up in the fun things and not remember others. So we make a point of signing up to volunteer at the local nursing home. It is cheep, free, and makes everyone feel great about what they have done. Everyone benefits!
Jenn Z.
This fun activity isn’t something that has to be done during summer necessarily but we find it a great activity to do at dinner (family) time at the dinning room table with our four kiddos. Mom or Dad usually starts the game with saying a random word out loud(let’s just choose “thrifty”) as an example. Your turn is over once you speak your word and in clockwise order the next player has to choose one word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. So player one chose “thrifty” now player two has to choose a word that starts with “Y” since “thrifty” ends with “y”……like Yellow. This works as a great learning experience for the school aged kids to expand their vocabulary as well as teaches the younger kiddos the sound each letter makes! It also allows Mommy and Daddy to throw in a couple of new or silly words as well. It’s a great family game and can really create some laughs :O)
We have a son who can’t get enough reading so we enrolled in the summer reading program at Borders. Read 10 books and get a book free. Here’s the link Enjoy! Here’s to reading your next adventure.
Holly Reynolds
We started doing a coloring pages and story journal. Yesterday our cat ate a robins egg out of the nest. The kids were so excited to tell the story . I printed out a coloring page of a robins nest and a cat. The kids colored them. While they color I write the story. Then at night time sometimes they like me to read back their fun experiences. I also like to date them and write their ages so later on it will be a fun childhood journal to read to their kids.


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