Summer reading programs

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Friday my 12 year old (she is my baby) signed up for our local reading program offered through our local library.

I would encourage you contact your own local library to find out if they are offering a program for the young readers in your care. There is even a reading program offered by Barnes & Nobles (Go here)

I have always excited when my children have joined these programs in the past where they are rewarded for reading. My twelve year old has not been the best of readers. In fact, I began homeschooling her four years ago for much of this very same reason. She has made a full 180 and now during the state tests she is at grade level and nearly advanced ( I am so proud).  She enjoys reading so much that I seem to always turn around and ask her to put down the book, so to get other things done. I am so happy that she has learned the joy and mystical places books take us. I know many of you enjoy reading and share this love with your children.

This summer I my goal is to share a classic with my daughter, I am currently reading The Outsiders.

What are you reading now?





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