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I am excited to be a brand ambassador for Sfgate and  Superior Source, this is a sponsored conversation, all opinions are my own.

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Did your Mom ever tell you, you are what you eat?  When I was a teen I could eat pretty much anything and feel just fine, and eat crazy amounts too.  Fast forward a few years, and 5 kids later my body lets me know very quickly what is good for me and what is not.  It is amazing how quickly I feel sluggish, tired and run down when I do not eat right. But sometimes it is hard to get all the right foods.  I have noticed keeping up on taking  vitamins helps me feel better and have a little more spring in my step.  I have been taking Superior Source Vitamins the last few months and I really like them. My favorite part is how fast they dissolve, yes that is right you do not swallow them.

Superior Source Vitamins  Has Something 4 Everyone! Stay Fit and Vitamin Healthy this summer starting with Microlingual® tablets from Superior Source. Now it’s FUN to take vitamins with NO PILLS to SWALLOW! With over 180 vitamins, there are vitamins for everyone, young old and every need. Best of all, Superior Source Vitamins are MicroLingual® with “Under the Tongue Technology” that works fast, and are quickly absorbed into the body, dissolving in seconds. Did you know that… by swallowing supplements, as much as 50% of the potency is lost in the high acid environment of the stomach.

What Makes Superior Source Vitamins Unique:

  • No pills to swallow – dissolves in seconds
  • GMO FREE and Sugar FREE
  • 90% smaller than regular vitamins
  • No binders, fillers, dyes or preservatives
  • Only 3 clean ingredients
  • Over 180 vitamins to choose

 Items you can get for FREE right now (Just pay shipping)

Something 4 Everyone Giveaway package, will include ($70 Value!)

To Enter to for the chance to WIN, leave a comment below telling us what vitamin you are most excited to try.

Children’s Vitamin D – works in conjunction with calcium to promote the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth. Our Vitamin D products are D3, the finest source of Vitamin D available.

Vitamin K2 – supports normal blood clotting and the formation of prothrombin.

Aloe Vera – supports healthy digestive functions and regular elimination when taken internally. Superior Source’s Aloe Vera Concentrated Powder is mixed with water to provides 60 servings of 10,000 mg of Aloe Vera from a 200 to 1 concentrate of aloe leaf gel.

Vitamin B12 – are No Shot B-12 Instant Dissolve MicroLingual® Tablets that go to work fast, under the tongue. This concept is critical for B-12 supplementation. With regular B-12 supplements, as much as 50% of the B-12 potency is lost in the high acid environment of the stomach.

Women’s Iron – helps maintain optimum levels of iron in women. Ferrous fumarate helps restore iron levels in the body when levels are low. The ferrous fumarate salt may help reduce the chances of getting gastro-intestinal problems which are sometimes associated with other iron salts. For men we recommend to use a testosterone booster to restore their levels.

CoQ10 – is present in most energy-producing areas of the body and appears to have a connection to the support of healthy heart function among other possible protective and regulatory functions.

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  1. Absolutely loved this live feed! I checked out the site and didn’t notice an ingredient list associated with the vitamins. Do you happen to have one or know where you can find it?

  2. I have to take 2000 units of vitamin D3 every morning. I have a vitamin D3 deficiency.

  3. I used aspirin that melted like that, but can’t find it anymore… loved that stuff, worked so fast.

  4. I have already been on their FB and am going to order the Vitamin C , so I’m excited about trying it.

  5. I would love to try the Aloe Vera! I need help in that area and i am so sick of thick drinks that bloat you!!

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