Survival Emergency Preparedness – Walkie Talkie, Solar Chargers, Weather Radio


Every time there is a disaster I pray for those who are missing loved ones. I pray for those without.  With the tornadoes that hit Mid West, they are saying it might be the some of the biggest tornado in history. It very well may have been, one thing that we will never forget are the children and the schools that are in the path of the tornados.

When I see these disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes,  tsunamis,  hurricanes  or other disasters natural or even man made, I think of what I would do if I were there. At one point in my life I lived on the east coast and lived through Hurricane Hugo back in the late eighties. We spent a long time without power and had to cut many many trees and torn houses up. Now I wonder if it happened to me, is my family ready. Do I have my 72 hour kits ready? Food, clothing, medicine, communication, fire, and power.

Looking for basic Survival bag check list

Below are some basic needs to keep stored in your grab bag, your bug out kit, or your 72 hour kit, whatever you may call it.walkie talkie survival emergency preparednessUniden GMR1635-2 16 Mile 22 Channel Battery FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radios Pair

As low as $23.99

What is one of the first things you realize in severe weather, disasters and other emergencies? The power goes out! Guess what the cordless phones go dead and you only have cell usage, that is hoping the cell tower still has power, until your cell battery goes dead. Then what? Use a battery powered walkie talkie to communicate. Like these that reach 16 miles. Click here to see the best walkie talkie waterproof.

Sure you could get the rechargeable walkie talkies, but then when the power is out you are back to square one. One other idea is to charge the rechargeable ones using the solar charger at the bottom.

Make sure you know whether to go out or not. Stay in tuned with the weather with a weather radio.

cheap weather radioMidland HH50 Pocket Weather Radio

As low as $14.15 and free shipping

  • Broadcasts all hazards alert weather brought to you by NOAA for around-the-clock severe weather information
  • Automatic alert system turns on in event of dangerous weather or civil emergencies
  • Test button confirms alert function is working properly at all times
  • Constructed to be water resistant, with a 6-inch telescoping antenna for crystal-clear reception
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries, and is backed by a manufacturer’s 3-year warranty
  • Receives NOAA broadcasts for around-the-clock severe weather information

Solar cellphone tablet chargerReVIVE Solar ReStore XL Battery Charger with 4000mAh Power Bank , Universal USB Charge Port , Rapid-Charge Adapter Panel & LED Flashlight for Smartphones , Tablets , mp3 Players , Digital Cameras & More!

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This is the solar charger I use. If you missed my post I posted on recently make sure you read more up on it – ReVIVE Solar charger Best Solar Charger

Make sure you are prepared in every way for when life is thrown a curveball. Make sure to read some of my other posts on Emergency Survival tips and deals

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