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Easter egg craft ~ great kids activity, #craft,,#kids, #Easter, #easteregg, #thrifty, #egg,#paper, #recycle


Easter Egg Craft ~ Great Kids Craft

Looking for a quick craft that the kids can do when they are stuck inside on a rainy spring day?  Maybe you have a lot of paper scraps laying around that you are looking for a creative way to use up.  This is perfect for both of those!

You will need

2 copies of an egg print out (find a coloring sheet of an egg and that will work perfect.  Its ok if it isn’t plain, you will be cutting one out and gluing over the other one anyway)

patterned paper scraps



Easter egg craft ~ great kids activity, #craft,#kids, #thrifty, #Easter, #egg, #easteregg, #paper, #recycle

Begin by cutting your scraps of paper into thin strips.  They don’t have to be straight or even the same size.  If you don’t have any scraps of paper around, you should be able to find some cheap paper even at the dollar store.

Now, take one of your egg printouts and cut it out.  DO NOT CUT THE OUTSIDE OF THE PAPER.  Only cut the egg out of the middle.  Leaving a sort of egg shaped frame.  Lay that one aside, you are done with it for now.

Easter egg craft ~ great kids activity, #craft, #thrifty,#kids, #Easter, #egg, #easteregg, #paper, #recycle

Now take your scraps and glue them to the top of the other coloring sheet that you didn’t cut out.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, they can even overlap.

Easter egg craft ~ great kids activity, #craft, #thrifty,#kids, #Easter, #easteregg, #egg,#paper, #recycle

Doesn’t look like much at this point, but it will!  Once you are done gluing the strips down, take your egg frame you made and glue it on top.

Easter egg craft ~ great kids activity,#Easter, #craft, #thrifty,#kids, #easteregg, #egg,#paper, #recycle

There you have it!  A great craft that is perfect for Easter or for a rainy day!  Doesn’t it look lovely?


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