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Easy Thanksgiving Sign… fun project to do on a chilly  Fall day!

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Easy Thanksgiving Sign

I think Thanksgiving sometimes gets lost in the shuffle between Halloween and all of the fun there and Christmas and all the festivity with the Christmas season.  I for one love the fall season and colors so I enjoy decorating and bringing that into my home as long as possible!

This year I really do love gold.  I love the warmth it adds to the oranges, reds and browns.  It is so beautiful.

For this craft you will need

a piece of wood

paint of choice

vinyl of choice

Begin by choosing the size for your wood board.  Mine was 14×11.  Sand it and then paint your color of choice.  Now distress if desired.  I chose not to for this particular piece because I felt like the gold needed the glamour of clean paint.

I then cut out my vinyl with my Silhouette cutting machine.  I love this baby and use it all of the time!  I used gold oracal vinyl and after I created my vinyl, I arranged the letters to fit them all on a 9×12 sheet of vinyl.  I don’t like wasting any!

Easy Thanksgiving sign, #easycraft, #craft, #fallcraft, #fall, #thanksgiving, #thriftycraft, #thanksgivingcraft, #thriftycraftideas, #vinylcrafts, #vinyl, #vinylsign

I used my transfer tape and applied my vinyl to the board after letting it dry for a day.  I love the way that it turned out!  The gold is very classy and stands out against the white beautifully!

Easy Thanksgiving sign, #easycraft, #craft, #fallcraft, #fall, #thanksgiving, #thriftycraft, #thanksgivingcraft, #thriftycraftideas, #vinyl, #vinylcrafts, #vinylsign

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Turkey candy holder, #turkey, #thanksgiving, #fall, #thanksgivingcraft, #craft, #turkeycraft, #fallcraft, #diy, #thanksgivingcenterpiece


Turkey Candy Holder~Thanksgiving Decoration

This adorable, little turkey is just the right size to fill up with some candy and give as a gift, or use it as a Thanksgiving decoration in your own home or workplace.

Turkeys aren’t normally the cutest animal alive, but this one sure is a cutie!

You will need:

A small Terracotta pot

Scrapbook paper scraps

Googly eyes

Yellow or orange ribbon or scrapbook paper for feet

Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Candy to fill the pot

Begin by cutting a 2 inch circle out of brown card stock or construction paper.  Glue to the front of your pot.  Add the googly eyes.  Cut a small, orange triangle out and glue it on for the beak.  For the wattle (I think that is what that little red thing is called by his beak) I just cut a shape that resembled a letter p.  I just eye balled it and it is far from perfect, but looked cute to me!

Once I had my little turkey’s face done, I began on his feathers.  I grabbed a few scraps of fall colored paper.  These don’t need to be big at all, maybe 4 inches in length (depending on how tall you want your feathers) and 2-3 inches in width.  I drew myself a pattern to use and traced on the back of each piece of paper so that the pen marks wouldn’t show.  Hot glue those in to place.  You might want to hold them on and see which way you like them first.  Once you glue them on, getting them off isn’t pretty!

The pot seemed rather bare to me on the bottom.  I chose to add feet out of dark yellow ribbon I had on hand.  Cut 4 small strips. For this size pot I made mine about an inch long.  Hot glue them on where you want them.

Fill your turkey with candy, nuts, whatever treat sounds good to you!

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Thankful banner, #banner, #leaf, #fall, #fall craft, #easy, #thanksgiving, #thanksgiving crafts, #november

Thankful Banner~ Easy Thanksgiving Craft

Now that Halloween is over, it is time to move on to Thanksgiving!  I love fall and Thanksgiving.  I love that even though I may not take as many opportunities through out the year as I should to express my gratitude for my many blessings that there is a whole month set aside for us to get to focus on just that.  I wanted to create a little reminder for not only myself, but for my kids to see also.  Something that would help them to focus on their blessings as well.  So, here is how to make your own “Thankful banner”.

You will need:

Card stock in Autumn colors (I used 4 colors with 2 on a sheet, but you could easily fit at least one more leaf on each sheet if you wanted to)




thankful banner, #thanksgiving, #thanksgiving decor, #thankful, #leaves, #banner, #fall, #november

Here is a template of the leaf.  This is a full sheet of printer paper, I think if you right click on the photo, you should be able to print it out so that your template is the same size that I used.  This is my first time trying a printable though, so let us know if it doesn’t work that way!

**UPDATE:  right click on the image, save it to your computer, and then when you print it , it will be the correct size.  Sorry about that!

This is just to give you something to trace on to your paper to cut out your leaf shapes from.  Use it to cut out 8 leaf shapes.

Find a font you like on your computer, and print out your letters the desired size.  You don’t need any special programs for this, just Word should work.  If you print them with a black outline, and no fill, then you can have white letters.  Another color would also be pretty if you aren’t sure how to do that.

Once your leaves and  letters are cut out, get your pattern in the order you wish the colors to go in.  Do this now so that you don’t accidentally pick up the wrong color and glue a letter on that you didn’t want to go there.  I chose to glue my letters on leaning different directions.  That way I could have my leaves each laying differently yet my letters would still be upright.  I didn’t put a whole lot of thought in to how they were laying, just wanted them to not all be straight.

Now take your thread and cut off a piece.  I chose to use longer sections so I could tie it easier.  Then I just clipped it off the length I wanted it.  Poke a very small hole with the tip of your scissors where you want the thread to go in.

Thankful banner, #leaves, #thanksgiving, #banner, #thanksgiving decorations, #fall decorations, #november

If you have one of those little, tiny hole punches you could use that to make it a cleaner hole.  I don’t, and I didn’t want to punch a large hole. Once your leaves are tied together, trim your thread.  Don’t forget to hang a piece of thread off of the first and last letters so you have something to hang it by.

thankful banner, #banner, #leaf, #fall, #thanksgiving, #fall decor, #thanksgiving decor, #november

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