Take a survey, enter your chance to win a years worth of Dr. Pepper

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Ingard here, I don’t mind doing survey’s. This one didn’t take me very long; I wasn’t looking for other offers so I was able to get through the survey in about 5 minutes.

Hey I might win….I know that many of you LOVE Dr Pepper. So good luck, may the best Pepper win!!!

Attention soft drink fans:

This could be your lucky day!

Take a survey and get entered to win a year’s supply of Dr Pepper(R).

That’s a $1,500 value!


  1. My anti-virus didn’t stop me…. I just answered no to the offers because I wasn’t interested… and then when I got to the page that said I was entered into the sweepstakes I didn’t take advantage of any additional offers. ~ Ingard

  2. I did this offer BUT did not enter in my phone numbers. I stopped once it said I was entered. ~ Ingard

  3. I just did it and when I put in my cell number it sent a pin. I entered the pin and it said I was signed up for $9.99 /month subscription.

  4. My anti-virus software stopped the page from loading. A Thrifty Mom…your link is fine. I’m having trouble with the link on the next page. Anybody know for sure if this is a legit site?!?

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