Target Clearance deals

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Thanks to Karisse for passing this along,

I was at my local Target last night and perused the seasonal section they’ve had bulk items in the last month or so.  These items are slowly starting to be on Clearance.  (First 15%, then 30%, then 50%….)  I was able to get a box of Special K with Strawberries that had 2 bags in it (so as much as 2 regular boxes) for $3.24.  It was normally $6.48.  Since the most I’m willing to spend on a box of Special K is $2 each, I thought this was a thrifty deal.  I was all out of Special K cereal coupons, so I’m not sure if these would apply, but if they would, that would be an even better deal!

Now remember each store will have a differnt clearance selection so I would not run out looking for these.  BUT if you happen to be at Target they are worth looking for.  You can get a Buy one Get one free Kellogg’s Special K Cereal printable when you resister.  This would make it an even better deal.

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