Teacher Gift ~ Quick and Easy #TeacherAppreciation #Graduation

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 Teacher Gift ~ Quick and Easy

It’s getting that time of year again time to think of teacher and graduation gift idea. We are here to help you with a quick, easy and inexpensive, but still adorable, gift for the teachers on your list.  They deserve a medal for putting up with that many kids.  All.  Day.  Long.  Seriously, they are saints.  So don’t forget to get them something to let them know that you are grateful for all they do for your kids.

You will need:

4×6 plastic picture frame (found mine at the Dollar Tree)

Scrapbook paper

Post it notes

A pretty ink pen

Embellishments ( on one I used a ribbon, the other a sticker)

You might remember that I showed you how to make this lovely gift for breast cancer awareness month.

The directions are the same here as they were there.

Take out the generic picture from the inside of your picture frame and use it to trace a square of your scrapbook paper.

Slide it into the frame.  Take off the back of the post it notes so the sticky part can be stuck onto the frame.  Press it on firmly.  Add your embellishments.

Throw in a pretty pen  and you are done.  Easy enough right?

These work great for male and female teachers.

Teacher gift, #teacher, #gift, #teachergift, #Christmas, #backtoschool, #gift, #diy, #easy, #thrifty

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  1. Teaching is just not any “job” and the majority of teachers don’t “expect” anything. It’s not the gift that matters, it’s what the meaning is behind the gift. My child picks out a gift and writes a letter because it’s important that my child learns to be grateful for all the hard work his teacher does all year long. Otherwise they turn into entitled adults. $5 gift and a lesson…

  2. As a teacher I, and I know most of colleagues do not expect gifts. Also, as a teacher I know how hard my children’s teachers work. My husband and i want to show them how much we appreciate so we do buy end of the year gifts. The best gifts I get are cards/ notes expressing how I helped their children grow are the best gifts!!

  3. Nothing. Teachers don’t need gifts just because the school year is ending. I wish would stop with this silly tradition and just do their jobs without expecting gifts in return. I work outside the home full time, and while appreciation for a job well done is great to hear, I certainly don’t expect to be showered with presents
    One of my daughter’s grade school teachers threw gifts away on the last day of school, in front of her students as they were cleaning out their desks. These were gift that she had been given from students for teacher appreciation just a few weeks earlier.

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