Teaching my Children a lesson…

img_1024My little boy Matthew Graduated from Kindergarten this week.  He was so cute in his little hat, I love him so much.  I am glad he loves learning at school.  But I also feel a huge responsibility to teach him at home.   Last week I took all three kids with me to the store which I never do.  It was a huge mistake they were tired and cranky, and wanted to run like a bunch of wild turkeys.  I could not think, the store was busy, and it was not a great shopping trip I was ready to get out of the store.

As I was leaving the store I realized my son Matthew had a sucker, that he had not paid for and was sharing it with his sisters.  I thought you have got to be kidding me…..it was a 50 cent sucker I just wanted to get out of the store.  Did I ignore it and get out of the store before I lost it…..or did I teach my children a lesson?  I pulled my cart aside and told them that when we take things from the store that is stealing.  I made them walk up to the store manager and tell her what they did.  She knows me very well so she was firm with them, and told them she was happy they brought it back but they needed to pay for it. She also told them if they do it again she would have to call the cops…  They were a little freeked out, I wanted  them to understand it was not ok.  We then talked about how it feels good when you tell the truth and do the right thing.  

Being a Mom is so fun but SO hard at the same time.  Those “teaching moments” do not always come at the most convenient time.  Ahhhhh all in the day of being a mom!

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