Grade school boys gift guide

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Grade school boys gift guide

Find the perfect gifts for your grade school boys. Grade school boys gift guide will give you all the ideas.

Grade school boys gift guide

If you have a grade school boy on your list anything like mine, all he wants are video games. But I want to get him some other options that don’t require sitting in front of a screen! Here are some ideas that would work for boys with all types of hobbies, because no two boys are exactly the same!

Boys watch

With everything being digital it is less and less common for our kids to know how to tell time on an analog clock. I like a watch that has both on them. Especially if your child is still learning how to tell time. They can see it in digital, and what it looks like with the analog too.

Cat ear headphones

When your kids want to listen to music or watch something you don’t always want to hear it too. These headphones are fun and not just boring looking regular headphones so your kid will want to wear them. I like that they don’t go inside the ears so there is less damage because it isn’t quite so close. And the other style of headphones can be hard to get in their small ears.

Trapped in a Video Game book

We all know that reading is good for us. But not everyone enjoys it. This book has awesome reviews and is about video games. Hopefully that means that those kids who would rather be playing a video game are more likely to open the book.

Lightsaber light

A lot of kids Star Wars. If your boy is one of those, this light is so cool. My son has it and I was very surprised at the quality. It makes noises, lights up and works as a night light to help them fall asleep too.

Boogie board LCD writing tablet

These boogie boards are so cool. Take them to church, the dr office, anywhere the kids may have to stay quiet. Or they can just draw on them at home too. When they are done they can “magically” erase it and start all over.

Lego set

My kids all love Legos, and there are so many options for buying Legos. So many different types and sets. I really like these sets that are just generic Legos, not a set that is the pieces for one big thing. I like that the possibilities are endless with a set like these. And they aren’t going to build something once and leave it set up. They will want to break it apart and build something else.

Pogo stick

Have you ever played on a Pogo stick? They take skill! When we got ours my son’s abs hurt for a few days because it really engages your core. It was crazy. I love that it gets them outdoors playing and is something different that takes a bit for them to master, but once they do they love it. I am pretty sure that all the neighbor kids have tried it at least once.

Rubik’s cube

Can you solve a Rubik’s cube? I can’t! They are so challenging and fun at the same time. This puzzle will keep your little guy challenged as he tries to figure out how to solve it.


Basketball hoop

This basketball hoop shoots the ball back to you so you can practice hoops over and over. Make sure you have plenty of space for this one, this isn’t one you want being used where you are going to get something hit when that ball shoots back to you!


Bean bag chair

Who doesn’t love a bean bag chair? They are an awesome seat that your kiddo will love to cuddle up in whether to read his new book he got for Christmas or maybe even to play a round of video games.

So there you go, our top picks for your grade school aged boys this Holiday season!

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