Thankful for Rayovac

So after seeing all of the storms pass through the country last week, It made me wonder how many people have a “battery bucket”? When ever the storms come through and take out the power, I am thankful for light yes a  simple light. And knowing I can find my family. In an emergency it is what matters most.

We have always had a battery bucket…. and one stop shop for any battery you may need.  We have packs of AA, AAA, C and 9v batteries. We stock up on them when we find a good price.   That way be have them on hand when we need them, and do not have to run our into a storm to buy them. We try to keep one of every size.  This Christmas each toy took a different size, it was crazy and nothing is worse that a toy that doesn’t work because of missing batteries Christmas morning.  The rechargeable  ones are great for thing you use everyday with  batteries, but do not want to break the bank replacing them.

Make sure you get your coupons from their Facebook page.

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I am a proud Powerblogger for Rayovac

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