That’s one HUGE Apricot Tree


I told you last week that our Apricot tree was ripe, and we have been enjoying the free falling fruit. The tree is over 30 years old and has not been pruned properly, so most the fruit is at the very top of the tree and almost impossible to reach.  Thanks to my Dad we were able to harvest the fruit from the tree.


My sister Jessica was in town so she came with her kids to help too.  Dad had this HUGE latter, and tied it to the top of the tree (with orange bailing twine, He is a Farmer and uses it for everything!)  We were scared to death the limbs may break and he would come crashing down. Luckily it was only the fruit that fell, not Grandpa.


The kids had fun helping!


Look how much fruit we got!!!!!!  Time to share with the neighbors and  make Jam!


Thanks for your help Dad, Sure love ya!


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