The Best Kitty Ever ~ Wordless Wednesday

wordless wednesday


Many of you know we adopted 2 kittens from the local animal shelter in September.  They have grown fast and  have quickly become part of the family.  I am not a huge fan of the litter box, but I do have to admit I love these little fur balls for the simple fact that they bring my kids so much joy.

Spaz is our boy cat and he is about the best cat you could ever ask for.  He is a big snuggle bug and lets my 2 year old lug him all over the house, and purrs the whole time.  First thing he does when he wakes us is a grab a tool or a car in one hand and then goes to grab his kitty to snuggle up with.IMG_3690

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  1. TalkingTurtle

    Get a little flap cat door installed from your laundry room out to the garage.  It’s not that difficult to teach a cat to go through the swinging door; and it’s worth it to not have odors in the house or cat litter tracked across the floor.

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