The Big White Barn – Local Thrifty Deals on Produce

whitebarn1I am excited to start posting a few of the Thrifty prices, from one of our local stores Stonehenge Produce.
  • Bananas .19 lb
  • Avocados 2 for .89
  • Red Leaf Lettuce 2 for 1.00

Stonehenge Produce is located at Cloverdale and Fairview (The Big White Barn) They carry:
  • Cloverleaf Creamery (Milk and Ice Cream)
  • Zeppole Bread
  • Local Honey
  • Many more local products
This is a family run store. The origanal store, The 44 Market opened in 1946 on State Street and hwy 44  they have local farms that grow just for their store. Questions or comments contact Shane 440-4347. Prices are valid while supplies last.

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