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Teaching Your Children The Joy In Giving

If you have been to the store in the last week you know it is CRAZY busy, huge lines, traffic is nuts and you feel a small victory just finding a parking place.  It is easy to feel like the spirit of Christmas is lost in all hustle and bustle.   I took my 2 youngest to the store to pick up a few things.  When my 5 year old saw the bell ringer at the front of the store.  She was so excited to see them, she asked me if I had any money to give them.  I told her I did not have any change in my purse I had given it all to my older two kids for their school bake sale.

Disappointed she looked down then pulled her hand out of her pocket, opening her little fist  she showed me a handful of coins.

She then asked, “Mommy, is this enough to give?”

She had been saving her pennies in hopes to buy a treat at the store.  I didn’t answer, her yet and then she said, ” I will even share with my brother so he can give too.”  She then placed 3 pennies in her little brothers hand and told him,  “We are going to help kids who don’t get Christmas'”.

I just smiled, my heart was so touched. I had always given them  the coins to put in the red bucket, and they smiled at the chance to give.  But this time WHEN THEY GAVE from their own pocket I think their smiles were even bigger.  I am so glad they have been able to learn the joy that comes from giving!

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  1. Oh How Sweet ! I have been talking to my little Grand Children about giving. My little Grandson constantly walks by me and says (Mamaw, Christmas is about giving, not receiving!) What a joy little children are. Thanks for Sharing your Pictures.

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