The Mix Matched “Real Fancy” Tea Party Set ~ Practical Gift Ideas for little girls (Mommy Moments)

Tea party with freinds, practical gift ideas for little girls

Knowing what to get my kids for Christmas is always a hard choice.  I do not want to get them “Stuff” that will just sit on a shelf and create clutter in our house.  My girls LOVE to have tea parties with their friends, BUT it never fails one of the little ceramic cups and plates fall off the table and break, and their hearts are broken.

I was looking at ONCE AGAIN buying them the little toy ceramic set, but feeling frustrated knowing they would just be broken like the others.  That is when I had an idea…. what if I bought them a REAL SET, something that would not break.  So over the last 5 months my husband and I have been on a little treasure hunt. Picking up a piece here or there, yard sales and 2nd hand stores.  We even had a few date nights where that is all we did, go to every 2nd hand store in the valley looking for trays, butter trays, salt and pepper shakers, bowls, super bowls, gravy pot, tea pots and odds and ends. It was fun, we really enjoyed it. Most the pieces were under a $1 each!

Some of the pieces are real silver, while others are just stainless steel…. it is a mix matched set but all fun, and all very fancy for little girls.  When the girls opened it they were SO excited, which made me happy too. We have had two successful tea party’s with no broken dishes so I think we are off to a good start this year.  Plus it will be fun to add to their collection over the years.

Little brother crashed the tea party yesterday, when he found a “straw” on the side of the tea pot….lol. They were less that impressed that he got his gross boy germs all over their fancy tea pot :).

Tea party with freinds, Little brothers are weird lol....  practical gift ideas for little girls

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