The Perfect Father’s Day Gift – Canned Unicorn Meat

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unicorn meatCanned Unicorn Meat

The perfect Father’s Day gift!

Everyone knows that dad’s love to be unique and want the most thoughtful of gifts! And now you can accomplish that and make it the best Father’s Day ever.

Here’s the storyline for him. He was driving home late one night and noticed a glow coming from a distant field. He quickly parked and grabbed his ole faithful rifle in the back and ran out into the field. There it was, this bright glow coming down through the trees and at the base of it – There it was the magical Unicorn!  No not the quadricorn… but the old fashion Unicorn! He really wanted to just see what it was but it quickly charged at him and he had to protect himself. He took the shot and with one bullet took down the magical but dangerous Unicorn. Before anyone noticed, he hauled his prize into the back of his truck before they would come and take his claim to fame for himself.

Ahh don’t worry Unicorns are made of synthetic cotton 🙂

And it’s On Sale for as low as $12.99 and free shipping!

unicorn in a can

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